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  • Does your VA Service only charge for the time you spend on my work?
    Yes, my service is pay-as-you-go. If I spend 3 hours on doing your invoicing, bookkeeping, or any other administration or IT work you need me to do, you pay for 3 hours!
  • Do you have a monthly charge to carry out the work I need done?
    Yes, I set a fee for a month at a time the contract will be for 6 months, if all goes well!
  • Do you have everything needed in your office to do anything I require?
    Yes, my office has all the best and most modern equipment to cover all Admin and IT requirements!
  • Are you insured to cover any episodes that may damage my business?
    I am covered for Cyber Security, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability! I am prepared to work seamlessly with you!
  • Will you give me a free phone or Zoom chat to hear what I require?
    I offer a free 30 minute phone or Zoom, or Teams, or Skype session to let you show me what you require!


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