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NextEd - Next Generation Education

Debbie began at NextEd as a part-time technical support officer, quickly moved into Courseware Developer, creating university level, web-based courses, both hands-on and in a management capacity.

Next was her role as Materials Manager, liaising with clients to ensure quality and smooth product development.

In every area of her career, Debbie exhibited confidence and care in:

  • Converting and restructuring courses to client and NextEd specifications.

  • Closely adhering to production schedules and deadlines.

  • Learning and demonstrating new skills, including HTML, media and graphic


  • Excellent conflict resolution skills in a fast paced environment.

  • Ability to manage time, people and workload well.


Of particular merit are Debbie's honest and positive mannerism plus her ability to address issues objectively and implement successful outcomes. Her input during team discussion was always appreciated and many of her ideas were incorporated into our processes. Her cheerful attitude often helped set the tone for the rest of the group and allowed her to gain much admiration from her co-workers. I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie in any position, especially in dynamic and creative pursuits.

Joel M. Flom

VP Web Publishing

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